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"Natalie Grant at the Wheel of Her Third Release"
     ccm new releases magazine 01/02/03.2003
New Record: Deeper Life (Curb)
Releasing: Feb. 11, 2003
Behind the Music: "This is my third record, though in a lot of ways it feels like my first. It's the first I've actually felt was my own. This time, Curb gave me a budget and let me make the record I wanted to make. I was involved in every aspect."
The Record: "I feel like these songs are a little less candy coated. Musically, it's much edgier and has a much more live, acoustic feel. I feel like my previous records have been different than who I am live. Lyrically, I didn't target one specific message. My faith is played out in my relationships, so a lot of these songs talk about living life."
In the mainstream: "The first single to mainstream radio is 'No Sign of It,' which is in the new Gwyenth Paltrow/Mike Myers movie [Spring release], A View From the Top, signing with Curb has opened up alot of doors like this."
Live: "January through March, my band and I are on the Winter Jams tour with Plus One, Tait, Carman, and Newsong. We're definitely going to be road dogs this spring."
What's Next?: " I'm co-owner of an urban worship series called the "Total Praise Experience," designed to equip churches with more modern, urban ways to run their worship. We'd love to put out a worship musical and a songbook as companion pieces. I also think I'm doing a Christmas record next year. It's going to be busy but good."

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