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"Deeper Life" lyrics
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"Deeper Life" lyrics...


"Deeper Life"
written by: Christine Dene, Jim Cooper
So many voices calling out to me
to sell me something, tell me what I need
but they don't know about the treasure
I've found
A gift from heaven I can't live without
It's a kingdom and it's hidden deep inside
I will be living for much more than meets
the eye
'Cause I need the deeper life
where the love of God runs far and wide
I need the deeper life
I will give him all my heart and ming
I won't be swept away by every changing tide
I believe in the deeper life
I've got my telephone, got my radio
I got a lotta places I can go
but where I wanna be is off the deep end
my Jesus meets me when I dive right in
Don't wanna slip slide on the surface of
this life
My soul will search until this thirst is satisfied
Repeat Chorus
I will be seeking first the kingdom of my God
I want everything he's got
Days Like These
written by: Natalie Grant, Eric Foster White, Stephanie Lewis
Rolled out of bed on the right side
looking up at the big blue sky
oh yeah-oh yeah
who I am is what I am
A piece in a part of a bigger plan
oh yeah-oh yeah
Breathe deep
Taste the moment
Few and far between
Days like these-they don't get any better
Let this be for always and forever
every minute is so perfectly
just the way that it was meant to be
days like these-so graceful that I'm falling
on my knees and thanking God for all the
little things that make me wanna say
How I wish I had a million days like these
Life is running like a dream
I know I can do anything
oh yeah-oh yeah
days like this I could believe
the sun is shining just for me
oh yeah-oh yeah
eyes closed
touch the freedom
never let it go
Repeat Chorus
It's as if I never knew that clouds existed
If there ever was a day to take a chance I'll risk it
Love without Limits
by: Bernie Herms, Lowell Alexander
See the faces in the crowd
everyone is reaching out
searching for something that's real
see the souls behind the eyse
left with no way to disguise
the yearning inside
He loves without limits
sees us every minute
wherever we are walking
he is near
his spirit is relentless
his hope for us is endless
I know, I know
He loves without limits
there's no mountain that's too steep
there's no ocean that's too deep
nothing can keep him from us
He's the lover of our souls
he's the one that makes us whole
oh, don't you know
If we could only see how far
God will reach to touch our hearts
Repeat Chorus
I know, I know nothing can seperate us
I know, I know God's love is limitless
Repeat Chorus
Within Me
by: Phil Sillas, Alan Rich, Rose Martilano
When I feel the worlds against me
left me in the cold
thinking I've been forgotten
out there on my own
I close my eyes and in the silence
hear a voice so clear
reminding me your love
is always right here

Within me-then all of my doubts disappear
and there's nothing to fear- your loves
within me
you gave me strength to believe
that all that I am and all that I'll ever need is
within me
When my spirit's all but broken
I'm humbled to the bone
Searching for the grace
To find my way home
I take a breath, a slow deep breath
And feel a sense of calm
Then the hurt in my heart is suddenly gone
Within me you wiped away all my tears
There's nothing to fear- your love's within me
It gives me the strength to believe
that all that I am and all that I'll ever need is
Within me
I Will Be
by: Natalie Grant, Bernie Herms, Paul Field
One heart, one voice
Living out love in this world of noise
my dream and my joy
Giving you all I have made a choice
Desperately I'm waiting
To answer your calling
I will be a candle in the darkness
I will be the hand of heaven above
I will be a mirror that reflects your
endless love
I will be the hope among the hopeless
where there is conflict I will be peace
Only by the power of your spirit that's living in me
I will be
Your heart, your plan
Give me your eyes help me understand
My feet, my hands
holding out living hope to every man
Knowing what you've made me
With every single heartbeat
(Repeat Chorus)
Gracious, Gentle and Kind
Knowing that your love will shine
through mine
(Repeat Chorus)
This little light of mine, I'm gonna
let it shine
this little light of mine, yeah
Always Be Your Baby
by: Natalie Grant, Stephanie Lewis, George Teren
Dedicated to Natalie Grant's Father Arnold Grant
You were my first love, always there for me
You taught me how to walk and how to dream
God gave me your eyes
But it was you who taught me how to see
Now I can stand on my own
But I know that you'll never let go
I'll always be your baby
No matter how the years fly by
The way you love me made me
Who I am in this world
I'm a woman now, not a little girl
Wherever this life takes me
I'll always be your baby
You are my hero and that will never change
You still can dry my tears with just a smile
The one I've leaned on
From my first steps to walking down the aisle
Now there's another man in my life
But I know by the look in your eyes
I'll always be your baby
No matter how the years fly by
The way you love me made me
Who I am in this world
I'm a woman now, Not a little girl
Wherever this life takes me
I'll always be your baby
Your faith, your love
And all that you believe
Have come to be the strongest part of me
And I will always be your baby
That's When I'll Give Up (On Loving You)
by: Eric Foster White, Stephanie Lewis, George Teren
No heartbeat is always steady
Angels have halos already
Please- don't think you're proving
yourself all the time
I don't need you to be perfect
I know the wait will be worth it
You and me baby we're only just
learning to shine
You should know
this my love
How far I'll go
here's when I'll give up
When the sun is coming up at midnight
When the clocks have all run out of time
When the snow- falls in june
That's when I'll give up (on loving you)
When the earth is finished spinning around
When it's raining up instead of down
When a dream-can't come true
When the rivers all run out of blue
That's when I'll give up (on loving you)
You'll never run out of chances
I don't need you to have all the answers
Love isn't something that has to be
Put to the test
Love like this
can't be undone
I'm telling you
If the day should come
(Repeat Chorus)
As you're walking through the world
You gotta know
I'll be with you everywhere you go
You can spread your wings or run
Back to my arms
I will always hold you in my heart- baby
You'll always be
a part of me
Baby can't you see
(Repeat Chorus)
by: Natalie Grant
When I was a little girl
I started dreamin' 'bout my place in
This big world
My mamma taught me how to be a lady
And my daddy, He loved me
But more importantly, when I was
Eight years old
Received eternity and a love that won't
Grow cold
I gotta talk about it, sing about it
I can't face the world without it
Sweet Salvation
It's not magical, not mystical
It's purely supernatural
Sweet, Sweet Salvation
Come on and sit next to me
I'll tell you about a man who can set you free
Died when he was thirty-three
He gave his life on calvary
It's undeniable; his page in history
So incredible, this human deity
Doesn't matter what your size
or the kind of car you drive
Ask and you will recieve
Doesn't matter where you've been
Or the color of your skin
It's free, Free, Free to all who believe
I Desire
By: Natalie Grant, Bernie Herms, Cindy Morgan
Here in this world that you've designed
From the rolling plains to the oceans
Deep and wide
Where are the words that can say what's
In my heart
All that I am is amazed by who you are
The one thing I desire
Is just to know you more
To live a life that moves and breathes
And loves to bring you joy
So fill me with a fire
That burns away my doubts and all my fears
Into a place where you are all I hear
It's the one thing I desire
To do what you require
Is the one thing I desire
To love when I'd rather turn away
To give when I'm more resigned to take
To reach out a hand to someone who
Feels alone
The way you reached for me
When there seemed to be no hope
(Repeat Chorus)
I'll live my life serving Christ
Offering a sacrifice of praise
(Repeat Chorus)
Live For Today
by: Natalie Grant
Sittin' in my room staring at the wall
Wonderin' about the meaning of it all
Why is it this thing called life
Has got me goin' crazy
So I open up your word and let it speak to me
The purpose and the plan that you've designed
Is clear to see, and I believe
I'm gonna live for today
I'm gonna follow in your way
I'm gonna let my little light shine
Like there's no tomorrow
I won't worry about the past
I know my future is intact
So I'll choose to live my life one way
I'm gonna live it for today
You told me not to worry
About what lies ahead
So I am gonna focus on today instead
Making every moment count and counting
Every single blessing
I'm gonna set my mind on the
Here and the Now
This is what I want my life to be about
And this is How...
(Repeat Chorus)
I Am Not Alone
by: O.Hatch, Madeline Stone
You're Here
In My Heart
You're the Light
That Guides Me Through The Dark
You Walk Beside Me
The Night Seems Cold
Each Time I Fall
Your Arms Are There To Hold
You Walk Beside Me
Giving Strength I've Never Known
I Am Not Alone
You Walk Beside Me
You're Here
In My Mind
I talk To You
And All My Fears Unwind
I Know I'm Loved For who I am
You Make Me Wanna Be The Best I can
(Repeat Chorus)
And I rely on your patience
When I face the unknown
and because of you
I am not alone
In the sun, In the rain
Through the good times and the pain
I reach out for your hand
I know that you understand
(Repeat Chorus)
No Sign Of It
by: Anne Preven, Scott Cutler
Featured in the Hit Movie "A View From The Top" starring Gwyenth Paltrow
It's a long wait at the gate
just to glimpse your fate
just to see whether it all works out
It's a long road, a heavy load
You gotta really want to go
and just let the others walk around
you now
up and down again
but this time it's different
it took some waiting to straighten
out the bend
In and out of luck
yeah at times it was difficult
I got a new life baby, It takes some getting used to but...
(Repeat Chorus)
No sign of any rain
My skies are clear today
I keep bracing for that hit
But there's not sign of it
No obstacles in sight
My skies are clear tonight (My skies are full of light)
I keep thinking I might see that cloud arrive
Oh but there's no sign of it
No sign of it
And as I look around, it's all new ground
the leaves on the trees touch down
But I'm above weightless as a dream
It's been a long road, a heavy load
I just simply had to go
Had to get here hard as it's been
In and out of luck
yeah at time it was difficult
I got a new life baby, it takes some getting
used to but...
(Repeat Chorus)