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Hey! Welcome to Natalie Grant Fans, dedicated to the great and talented Christian singer Natalie Grant. Thanks for stopping by, and if you feel like it please sign the guest book, or you can even come over and say "HEY" on the message board. Remember, this is just a fan-site. I am NOT Natalie Grant, just a fan. I update frequently so, make sure ya'll come back! =)

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Hey Ya'll! Unfortunately it's time to hear the one dreaded word in the web community...This site, NatalieGrantFans.Com is going on Hiatus for the rest of the summer. I PROMISE, I will get it back up and running this fall, but for the meantime you'll just have to enjoy all the great things I already have on here. The reason is, I just graduated highschool this past month, and am getting ready to go off to college in Nashville, TN. Once I get up there and am settled I promise I will get back to working on this site, and make it even better then it was before! Life's just going to be too crazy the next couple months to deal with this too. I love ya'll! and will talk to you again soon. Next time you hear from me I should be in the great big, MusicCity USA! :)
Remember that "Awaken" is now instores, and that Natalie's book "The Real Me" will be in stores Oct. 6th! Don't Forget!
Keep On Shining!
-Love Ya,
NGF Webmaster

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