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Remember something about Natalie that you heard about a while back??? You probably will find it here!

Natalie gets Female Vocalist of The Year nomination
Read this Press Release from about her signing with Curb Records Edit

Grant garners nomination on heels of new label announcement


NASHVILLE, Tenn. Curb Records recording artist Natalie Grant recently garnered a Dove Award nomination for Female Vocalist of the Year for the Gospel Music Association s (GMA) 33rd Annual Dove Awards which will be held on April 25th at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tenn.


Grant recently signed an unprecedented contract agreement with Curb Records who will release her current project Stronger nationwide Feb. 26, 2002. The project will be distributed by Word Entertainment in the CBA market and by Word/WEA in the mainstream market. Curb has already announced plans to release the new single What Other Man from Stronger, to Christian AC radio in the spring of 2002. Coinciding with the release of Stronger, Grant will also depart February 28 on the 55-60 market tour with Plus ONE, with opening acts ZOEgirl and Phat Chance.


In recent weeks, Grant appeared as a special guest at New York City s Hope At Ground Zero, an intimate gathering in New York honoring and comforting those who have been so instrumental in the rescue mission at the World Trade Center. Presented by The Salvation Army in association with In Touch Ministries, the Oct. 11 event showcased Grant, inspirational speaker Dr. Charles Stanley, Commissioner Joe Noland, gospel artist John Starnes, Broadway performers Carol and Chris Jaudes, and the Salvation Army NY Staff Band. The audience included family members, police, firemen, volunteer and rescue workers that were impacted by the recent World Trade Center tragedy.


In addition to her live performances, Grant 's unique rendition of Francis Scott Key 's beloved 'Star-Spangled Banner' was released to Christian AC and CHR stations since the Sept. 11 tragedies, and has had major radio airplay across the country. A song that American 's have proudly proclaimed for over 70 years as their national anthem, Grant performed the classic anthem at each event in honor of Americans all around the world that have been impacted by recent tragedies. Curb is currently making plans to utilize this recording as well in the near future.


Founded in 1964, the Gospel Music Association is dedicated to educating the public and the music industry concerning the mission and role of gospel music in today's world. The Gospel Music Association produces the Dove Awards, which recognizes achievement in all genres of Gospel music and is the premiere television awards show for the contemporary Christian and gospel music industry.


Natalie Grant gets spot on Plus One tour Edit

Look for Natalie out on the road this spring with Plus One. The tour will features Plus One, Natalie, Zoe Girl, and Phat Chance! Edit


This article was found in Nashville's newspaper "The Tennessean"
"Eager To Make Pop Splash"
Christian music star puts faith in Curb
by Tom Roland
Los Angeles-          Natalie Grant hates playing for small, intimate audiences. "I'd rather go to the dentist and have a root canal," she says, with typically unfettered honesty. "I could perform in front of 50,000 before I could perform in front of 50."
                                Still, Curb Records has made a point of showcasing her in vulnerable settings. Twice in the past year, she's journeyed from Nashville to Los Angeles to perform in close quarters for jaded industry types, many of whom were just as likely attending for the free lunch as for a chance to hear her sing.
                                "As uncomfortable as it may make me," she reasons, "whenever they have an opportunity for (me) to actually sing, especially with just a guitar player, or even without all the tracks and the instruments and everything else, people can go, 'This is real. This is actually real singing.'"
                               Grant is absolutely real, a Nashville-based Christian artist with an impressive dynamic range and sense enough to employ it judiciously. But the L.A. showcases are part of a game plan her associates hope will create a career shift. After recording one album each for two other labels in business relationships that didn't quite work, Grant was signed last year by Curb, which envisions her as a pop artist.
                              "She's got a gift," label president Mike Curb says. "She can do just about anything she wants to do with her voice. It's a magnificent instrument, and that voice can be successful in many different marketplaces."
                               If Curb succeeds in his plan, it won't be the first time he's taken a female artist from a Nashville-centric format and made her relevant in a pop format. "We would take her to the world," Curb maintains, "the same way we did with LeAnn Rimes."
                              Grant has built her credentials in Nashville's second-most-popular genre. Widely proclaimed as Christian music's newest diva, she grabbed a Dove nomination for female vocalist of the year from the Gospel Music Association after a scant two albums.
                             Songs from her third and newest album, Deeper Life, which was released last winter, are still charting well with strong contemporary Christian airplay.
                            The album also mixes black gospel roots with overt pop production, and one of its songs, Days Like These, appeared in a key moment of the movie A View From the Top  earlier this year.
                            "They have successfully crossed (Rimes) over to pop, and they did it with a soundtrack song, so in that way, I definitely think that Curb knows the formula," Grant says.
                            When her second record deal folded she says Mike Curb was on the phone within 24 hours. "When Gid closes a door, he opens a big, fat window," she says, laughing. "It was the fastest record deal ever made."
                            Curb was prepared to market her album, which had already yielded successful singles in the Christian business, as a pop product last summer. But with Grant itching to get back in the studio, the label decided to wait.  With the stop-and-start disappointments she's already experienced in her career, the wait seems worth it. For the first time, she says, Deeper Life is a strong portrait of her as an artist and as a person.
                            "I feel like I've matured artistically and creatively," Grant says. With that maturity, she knows the path Curb is taking could very well pay dividends, giving her a platform in both pop and Christian culture. She faces that possibility with an appropriate balance of conviction in herself and resignation to other forces
                            "I'm driven to make this work," she insists, "but if it doesn't, my life isn't over."