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In 2000 I was a fairly new Christian and had just accepted a call to full-time ministry...I took an internship with a production company doing a complitation tour in the southeast. The tour lasted six weeks and was my intro in my youth ministry internship that was to start a few months later with my home church. On this little six week tour, there were approximately 10 artists in various bands and such. Of everyone on that tour, Natalie is the one person who took an interest in the volunteers and interns...she spent time with us and was forever asking how we were and if we needed anything. Every other artist just sort of passed us all by, but she made sure that she modeled servanthood...she has the sweetest little spirit! She was pretty new on the scene...I didn't know a lot about her, but of course, when I heard her sing live, I was hooked! More than her voice though, I loved her heart! Even to this day...I remember how precious she was to all of us....she made a lasting impression on the heart of a little 20 year-old girl and by her servitude I saw how it was that I wanted to lead in my own ministry. She was a great example to follow.Unfortunately in ministry it's easy to become jaded by the hypocrisy that often seems to be all around...but I never once, even for a minute saw that in Nat! She's even more beautiful inside than out! She's the real deal...she practices what she preaches...

Thanks Jessi, for the great pictures! =)